Sunday, April 3

April Snow Shows The New Girls, Braylin Bailey & Jazlyn Ray, What The Boss Expects On Fridays

Braylin Bailey and Jazlyn Ray are the new girls at the office and April Snow gives them the rundown and office tour. April explains to them all that needs to be done in the office to ensure a smooth and productive work environment. Fridays are special! That's the day the boss likes to let loose, relax, unwind and blow his load! You see, April has been banging the boss on Fridays to start the weekend off right. She tells Braylin and Jazlyn all about it and the girls also want some of that action. When the boss shows up, they have a foursome right there in his office.

Monday, February 7

Blonde Cutie Jazlyn Ray Gets All Dolled Up For Her Client

Tonight I have blonde bombshell Jazlyn Ray pay a visit to me at my hotel room. I make sure she brings some sexy lingerie and her 'A' game. She starts off with a light tease, rubbing her nice bubble butt all over my lap and letting my hands feel her skin. She gives me exactly the experience I've been looking for. I'm a fan of Jazlyn because I can tell she really loves cock. It no wonder why she chose to work in this industry.

Monday, January 3

Jazlyn Ray Finally Gets To Fuck Her Friend's Brother Before She Leaves Town

Jazlyn Ray is moving out of town so she stops by her good friend's house to say goodbye. Her friend is at work though, and the only one there is her friend's brother Lucky. Jazlyn goes to his room to say to say farewell but before she leaves, she has a confession to make with him. Jazlyn has always wanted to fuck him and now is the last opportunity to make that happen.

Monday, November 8

Blonde Pornstar Hottie Jazlyn Ray Is Ready To Fuck Your Brains Out!

Jazlyn Ray is here to stay and she wont go until you make her cum all over your big hard cock! This gorgeous blonde will show you why she is a Pornstar and will show you her best moves. Sit back and satisfy her pussy -- just try not to cum too fast! Your job is to make her cum multiple times before you explode your load on her.